Refreshed and Ready

We are excited to announce that we have started a new chapter at Hannibal Safari Equipment. 

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The modular Camelbac 4x4 Trailer

Nene Overland has launched the modular Camelbac 4x4 Trailer, in conjunction with Hannibal Safari.

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Why Hannibal Roof Tents Are So Good

Canvas has been used for centuries for protection against the harsh and unpredictable climates throughout the world.  Dynaproofed™ Canvas is the preferred Australian canvas due to its uncompromising performance in one of the world’s harshest environments.  

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Hannibal Roof Tents and Roof Racks Cape Town - Reliable Comfort

I believe that the true indicator of a product's reliability is how little you have to think about it -- and believe me, our Hannibal tents have been a no-brainer.

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Brabus vehicles G.Wagen 6x6

Vehicle Special Projects & Upgrades

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