Hannibal Roof Racks


Hannibal roof racks are designed to carry your tent and equipment with ease and efficiency.  Reliability and weight are key factors when considering an ideal roof rack.  Hannibal roof racks have proven over the years to be of the strongest, lightest and most rugged safari-proven roof racks in the world.  

The design of the Hannibal roof rack also incorporates good looks with aerodynamic performance for minimum wind noise and maximum fuel efficiency.

Hannibal Roof Racks for all makes of 4x4's

The Hannibal roof racks are designed to fit all makes of 4x4’s, those with gutters as well as the gutterless varieties. Feel free to browse this section and select the best roof rack for your needs. Hannibal's new Land Rover Defender roof rack Legs, combine ruggedness with technology.

  • Hannibal racks are made from high quality 6063 architectural aluminium designed for strength and corrosion resistance.  Our racks have been tested to well over 1 ton
  • Our uniquely engineered flooring offers both extreme strength with minimum flexibility
  • Flooring welded from front to rear to minimise wind noise
  • Mounting clamps are manufactured from stainless steel
  • Consists of a two piece construction:  Basket separates from the load bars for ease of storage and for access to limited parking height.  Load bars can still be utilised for multi purpose loading
  • Basket and frame is fully welded for maximum strength and reliability
  • Full length gutter support to spread load, preventing unnecessary wear and tear to vehicles gutters
  • Detachable rear rail to allow for flat bed packing
  • Low centre of gravity design for stable and safe offroading
  • Rubber gutter protectors to save your vehicle’s paintwork as well as for maximum traction on vehicle

All racks are manufactured with fully detachable rails. This allows the Hannibal rack to cater for any load requirements.

  • Natural or powder coated finish.  Our powder coated racks are first sand blasted for best adhesion, then double powder coated for maximum durability as well as U V protection
  • Detachable side rails for fitment of wide tents.
  • All flooring have integral bolt guides for easy fitment of accessories.
  • Closed front racks on request.
  • Stainless steel mounting legs
  • Low profile aluminium tracks
  • Low profile rack for minimum wind noise and best fuel economy
  • For vehicles with no rain gutter 

Contact us for more information about our roof racks and fittings.