The Impi Roof Tent

Impi Roof Tent Specifications

Closed: length 2.2m * width 1.35m * 320mm high, weight 72kg
Open: length 2.2m * width 1.3m * 1.5m high.

The Impi can be fitted to any vehicle, with most roofbar or rack system - from a V.W. Golf, to the serious off-road vehicle. A great feature on the Impi is the rain shelter on the front door. This keeps the rain out the tent when entering or leaving.

The low profile glass fibre design of the Impi keeps wind noise to a minimum, resulting in not only more pleasant travelling, but also the most fuel efficient tent design on the market. The Fibreglass shell protects the tent from U.V. degradation, thereby extending the life of your tent, whilst keeping maintenance to a minimum.

The Impi has been designed with your ultimate comfort in mind. It has three acess doors, each with mosquito netting, for maximum ventilation. The standard Hannibal quality mattress guarantees your comfort - 75mm high density foam,  with a washable 100% cotton cover.

The Impi comes standard with a factory fitted National Luna light. The light is easily connected via waterproof plug on the case, to the vehicle with the supplied curly cord connector.

Two gas shocks enable the tent to open by itself - just a few seconds from releasing the catches and you're in bed.
The roof of the shell is covered by a quilted, anti-condensation, thermal lining - not only insulation from heat and cold, but also prevents condensation on the roof.

Hannibal Roof Tent Range

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