Refreshed and Ready

Hannibal Safari Equipment was established in 1998 as a result of a couple of friends who decided that there was just not enough good quality Overland gear available on the market to meet the needs of the overland enthusiast, not only locally in South Africa, but throughout Africa and across the Globe.

Using an overland vehicle that is well prepared allows the enthusiast to go and explore places otherwise never possible.

This was in true style with the reputation that General Hannibal achieved with becoming the greatest battle commander in the world. Using his elephants as a means of transport over the Alps in 218 BC, he also made sure that his elephants were well equipped to go into battle with whatever the opposition or nature throws at it. The same goes for Hannibal Safari Equipment.

Not only have we gained the reputation for the manufacturing of good quality product, but together with this and our knowledge of the vehicles and terrain, we were able to grow into a well-established brand globally.

In true Hannibal fashion, the world took notice of our product and we were able to establish a network globally in order to give proper service to the overland enthusiast worldwide.

During the last year Hannibal Safari Equipment, unfortunately, had a couple of battles of its own to face. Due to the worldwide economic challenges, the development the equally good product by other manufacturers, the lack of commitment and various other reasons, Hannibal was faced with a huge battle of its own.

As General Hannibal collected information from his commanders, started to train his elephants, getting the correct battle gear ready for his troops and elephants to face his biggest challenge in crossing the Alps to win over Rome, in that same way we at Hannibal Safari Equipment accepted the challenge to get the company geared and back on track in order to regain its lost share of the market as well as the trust of its customers. 

Not only are we developing new products, but we are appointing new dealers worldwide, getting service levels back up to standard and making sure that a uniform message gets sent out to all our members and supporters from a network of well informed and qualified dealers from around the world.

Together with this, we have introduced a new range of colours for our tents and awnings in order to assist with the refreshing of the brand and its awareness. 

As General Hannibal’s troops were refreshed and ready for their famous victorious battle, so are we at Hannibal Safari Equipment, and we are ready to serve your needs. 

Please feel free to contact us and be assured of our commitment to you.

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