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I believe that the true indicator of a product's reliability is how little you have to think about it -- and believe me, our Hannibal tents have been a no-brainer. Setting up or breaking down camp anywhere in the world can be done in a matter of minutes, which is unbelievably convenient, especially when it's freezing cold or pouring rain.

We've had experiences camping during thunderstorms, with gale-force winds rocking the vehicles, but in our Hannibal tents these winds are merely rocking us to sleep. These tents also pack away without a lot of hassle in thinking about which pole goes where.

The padded floors are extremely comfortable, and the mesh windows allow for a good nights sleep, even in the tropics. With windows closed, it's hard to tell if it's day or night outside!

Our Hannibal tents are the first thing most folks want to talk about after seeing our vehicles. I believe the best example of Hannibal's usefulness came not months into the expedition, but on the very first night of our journey. We had just crossed the border into Mexico, and -- wouldn't you know it -- it began pouring rain in Baja.

Had we been relying on normal ground tents, we would have been soaked by the time we got things set up. With Hannibal, however, we had the tents on four vehicles open in under five minutes, and we got an amazingly comfortable night's sleep listening to the sound of rain against the canvas.

This night set the tone for us, and our faith in the reliability and usefulness of our Hannibal tents has been strong ever since. 

I've gotten so used to a good night's sleep in my Hannibal tent that I often use it even when we are staying in a hotel! On multiple occasions in places like Guatemala, and Peru, I have opted out of the hot or crowded surroundings of a hostel or hotel room and slept in the Hannibal tent, right there in the parking lot.

Hannibal tents provided us with luxury accomodations on an over-night ferry ride across the Gulf of Corcovado in Chile. Tents were popped and, combined with the gentle back-and-forth rocking of the ship, we slept peacefully. We awoke feeling quite bad however, exchanging glances with dozens of grumpy backpackers who had slept on deck through the misty night and awoke drenched.

My sleep has always been cool, quiet, and more comfortable. Thanks, Hannibal, for many nights of blissful slumber!

Nick Baggarly and the LONGITUDE Expedition team 
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