Roof Rack Fitment Instructions - Classic

Gutter Vehicles

Parts Description

  1. Detachable rear rail.
  2. Supporting cross members.
  3. Leg supports.
  4. Gutter clamps.
  5. Grub screws.
  6. Bolts attaching rear rail.
  7. Housings for gutter clamps.

Contents of Carton

  1. Roof rack.
  2. Parts box.
  3. Detachable rear rail.
  4. Supporting cross member/ leg  kit.
  5. Rear ladder.

Rack Assembly Instructions

  1. Remove rack from carton.
  2. Turn bed upside down.
  3. Attach rubbers to gutter support rails. (8)
  4. Place all 50*25 tubings (2) cross members in position on legs, and attach self adhesive rubber strips.
  5. Slot 50*25 extrusions into position on legs(3).
  6. Align all legs and bolt together,(2) and (3) including washers, top and bottom.
  7. Turn rack over.
  8. Racks weigh on average 50kg, seek assistance when lifting onto vehicle to avoid injury(minimum 4 people ).
  9. Align back of the rack flush with rear of vehicle.
  10. Hand tighten grubscrews into position(5).
  11. Place gutter clamps into position and tighten down. Avoid overtightening and thereby distorting vehicle gutter.
  12. Once clamps are in position and tightened, tighten grubscrews.
  13. Finally do a pre-flight inspection to ensure nothing has been omitted, or not fully tightened.

Ladder Packing List

  1. 8mm washer and Nut.
  2. Grub screw.
  3. Clamp.
  4. 2* 6mm Bolts.
  5. 2* 6mm Washers
  6. 2* 6mm nuts
  7. 2* 8mm Bolts
  8. 2* 8mm washers
  9. 2* 8mm nuts

Fitting Instructions

Step 1: Mont top section of ladder on gutter.
Step 2: Drill 2 6mm holes in body cross bar.
Step 3: Mount parts 1,2 and three.
Step 4: Mount part 4.
Step 5: Mount bottom section of ladder by removing existing body bolts.
Step 6: Fasten bottom ladder section using bolts(5).

Top Rail assembly

  1. Slide 7 of 6*12mm bolts into the channel on the top of the tubing on the sides on the rack. The very first one, slide all the way forward - this will be used to fasten the front of the top rail to the rack at a later stage.
  2. Slide 4 of 6*12's into the underside of each top rail, as well as the back curved one.
  3. Attach 3 stainless u channels to both sides of the rack - the back one should be positioned so that it overlaps with half of the rear rail, and half on the side rail - position the join in the middle. Position the front one midway between the rear and the front of the side rail. Mount the side rail on top of these plates, bolting the front down with the one bolt you left right in the front of the rack. Tighten all in place(keep loose for minor adjustment), repeat for back rail and other side rail.
  4. Tighten all nuts.